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Pink Daisy Mini Bag

Php 325.00

A handy little bag specifically made to hold up to 2 Pink Daisy or Fresh Moon feminine pads while you’re out and about.  It has snaps on each corner, so if you have two of them, you can snap them together and store clean on one side and used pads on the other.

Pink Daisy Mini Bag is handy storage for small items.

Holds about 4 or 5 two sided wipes, or 10 or so flannel wipes, a pair of nursing pads or whatever fits.

It is such a nice size for breast pads or cloth wipes, too.

Fabric content: 100% polyester

Made in the USA by Pink Daisy, maker of Blueberry Diapers.

Weight .03 kg
Dimensions 20.32 x 13.335 x .254 cm

Pink Daisy


Butterflies, Petals, Pink

Pink Daisy Mini Bag

Bags measure 5″ x 7.5″

1. Machine wash in any temperature.
2. Tumble dry or hang to dry.
3. DO NOT USE BLEACH or put through a sanitize cycle.  This will cause the bag’s waterproof lining to de-laminate.