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CherrYouth Joins the International Youth Day Celebration

September 5, 2015
Written by Jan Marvin Bernedo

The youth sector is an integral part of nation building. They possessed so much energy, skills/talents, time, creativity and the like which are very essential in civic work to achieve a desirable social change.
Recently, twenty three (23) members of CherrYouth joined other youth organizations in celebrating the International Youth Day held at the SM North SkyDome which was sponsored by the National Youth Commission.
Different topics were discussed during the course of the event especially concerning the youth. Youth Leading Others (YOLO) awardees, celebrities, and other TV personalities were also present. One of the highlights of the event was when Mr. Ahmad Alhendawi, the UN Secretary General Envoy on Youth, gave his message emphasizing the need to invest on the youth. He also echoed the message of the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon that the young people of today are the generation that has the chance to diminish extreme poverty.
After the event, the CherrYouth members shared their take-home insights/learnings. One of those realizations is doing fun-filled and enjoyable activities that raise greater awareness on civic youth engagement toward making the society a better place. Furthermore, they realized that they have many things to offer for the nation. Thus, they were motivated to actively participate and volunteer themselves in the upcoming community projects for them to be highly productive members of society.
To quote one of the speakers of the event, no one can do everything but together we can do something. CherrYouth embodies this saying.
The scholars took a photo together during the event with Cherry Mobile’s CSR Officer Marvin Bernedo (lower left).


The YOLO awardees who attended the International Youth Day received plaques of recognition from the National Youth Commission. The YOLO awardees who attended the International Youth Day received plaques of recognition from the National Youth Commission.
CherrYouth members definitely enjoyed the activity and learned a lot from it.
One of the CherrYouth members took a photo with UN Secretary General Envoy for the Youth Ahmad Alhendawi.
After the activity, the scholars shared their insights about becoming the agents of change in the society by being proactive and engaging their fellow youth in doing meaningful projects for the campus and community.
Indeed, the Filipino youth can make a difference in the society. It begins with a deep realization that leads to collective action. It takes a spark of raised consciousness and motivation to mobilize the untapped manpower (youth) for a common good. Thus, CherrYouth pledged to initiate and partake in civic works as their contribution for national development.  
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