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Be Cool in School Level Up 2015: More Outreach to the Underserved Communities

August 26, 2015
Barangay Cherry Mobile marks the end of Be Cool in School Level Up 2015 with an increased passion to serve the poorest of the poor sector of the country. This year the project provided almost 10,000 school kits to pupils in 53 schools across 12 provinces, nationwide. The locations that the project catered to this year reflect the needs of thousands more Filipinos who are underserved and seldom reached with help that they desperately need. 
Volunteers crossed rivers to get to the schools of the beneficiaries in Palawan.
In some areas in Palawan, a boat ride is needed to access the target community.
Rough roads with muddy pools welcomed volunteers climbing the mountains to distribute Be Cool in School kits
This is one of the typical houses in the fisherfolk community that Barangay Cherry Mobile visited in Palawan.
Loaded with school kits and freebies for kids as well as a mission to touch the lives of school children, the team traveled long miles, endured hard walks, and crossed rivers to get to their destination. The communities are nested in areas of insurgency and isolated either on top of mountains or across rivers. Roads are not all concrete; some areas do not have a regular supply of electricity. The schools are a long distance from the houses of the pupils, and many of the schools need a major overhaul. Some schools are only made of bamboo matting which cannot outstand heavy rains. The soil ground serves as the floor and produce mud pools when heavy rains get into the rooms. 
Pupils of Kule Elementary School do not have concrete school rooms, only those made of bamboo matting.


On rainy days, soil floors of some classrooms become muddy pools.
Kids in these communities are malnourished, feeding mostly on corn and cassava which are solely carbohydrates. Because of the remoteness of their sitio, they rarely see people from other places and are frightened with the sight of strangers. They barely have slippers to put on and use plastic bags as knapsacks for one or two notebooks.

This girl was crying not because she did not receive her school kit, but simply because she was not used to seeing visitors in school


                                       Kids in Logdeck Indigenous School often get feet soiled with mud on rainy days. Many of them also do not have any good slippers to begin with.
To extend help to the children of these communities, Barangay Cherry Mobile gave school supplies to pupils in selected schools. They also held a session on battling bullying, which is oftentimes experienced by the indigenous groups. This way, hope is being passed on to the kids, urging them not to give up but to always stand and fight for their dreams despite their current situations. The bags are a simple gift, but what it symbolizes is of greater value that can create a longer lasting impact on the children. It is a symbol of hope and compassion, reminding them that there are people who believe in their dream and their capacity to fulfill that dream. This is what Barangay Cherry desires to instill in the mind of each pupil, and no form ridicule or intimidation should hinder them from pursuing their dreams.
Barangay Cherry Mobile took time to share about how kids can overcome bullying in school.

There is so much needed to be done to address the concerns of these communities, and the amount of work encompasses not just the private sector but also the local government and the communities themselves. The role that Barangay Cherry Mobile plays is to catalyze the change that has already begun and hopefully, to bring in more help from the outside so that what has been started will ripple into considerable change that will enable the people to lead better lives.

The future leaders of the communities, and of the nation.
The kids posed for a group shot with one of the dealers of Cherry Mobile. The company CSR involves stakeholders of the company in its outreach to communities.
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